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Managing Stress Through Self-Expression

Expressing your feelings may be helpful, but it might not come naturally to everyone. As with all skills, it can be strengthened through practice.

We can express our emotions in many different ways: painting, listening to music, or making crafts.

You may find that writing a daily diary helps reduce your anxiety. Expressive writing can put some structure to your anxious feelings. What you choose to write about should be important to you.

Try including these phrases:

"I feel like this because…/This happened because…"

"I realize now that…/This has made me understand that…"

If writing down your thoughts triggers an extremely emotional response and you find yourself getting very upset, don’t push yourself to complete a diary entry. If this happens, mention this to your healthcare provider in your next appointment, so that they can provide alternative solutions to managing your emotional health and well-being.

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