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Bernie Williams Spreads the Word About IPF


Four-time World Series champion, New York Yankees legend, and Latin Grammy nominee Bernie Williams’ life was forever changed after losing his father to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a common type of interstitial lung disease (ILD), which is sometimes referred to as pulmonary fibrosis. Today, Bernie is fighting to change the lives of those living with IPF by raising awareness of the disease. Continue reading to see how he’s spreading the word and what you can do to help.

Bernie’s Story

Bernie’s Awareness Initiatives

Determined to turn his family's experience into a chance to help others impacted by this rare lung disease, Bernie has helped launch nationwide efforts to educate about the signs and symptoms of IPF and provide information to those who think they or a loved one may be experiencing symptoms.

Breathless Ballad Challenge

Bernie's passion for music and IPF awareness sparked the Breathless Ballad Challenge, an initiative that asked for lyric submissions to his instrumental tribute to his father, "Para don Berna." Participation in the initiative was astounding and has moved the public to take action against IPF.

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Breathless Blowout

Throughout 2018, Bernie teamed up with Minor League Baseball fans to help spread the word about IPF through events called Breathless Blowout game days. During the Breathless Blowout game days, Bernie rallied fans to blow bubblegum bubbles to help raise awareness of IPF and one of its telltale symptoms—breathlessness—which can make everyday activities, like blowing gum bubbles, hard for someone living with the disease. At an all-star game, participation earned the Guinness World Records title of most people blowing a chewing gum bubble simultaneously.

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Help Those Living with IPF

IPF claims almost as many lives as breast cancer each year, yet it’s virtually unknown. You can help change that. Below you’ll find an assortment of shareable cards that touch on everything from IPF statistics, to symptoms, to misdiagnosis.

Share these cards with your social network, or even directly with those who are showing symptoms, to help raise awareness of IPF and—more importantly—help those living with the disease.

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