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Coping with Your Cough

One of the possible symptoms of interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a cough that does not seem to go away. The cough related to ILD is dry (does not produce phlegm).

The cough associated with ILD can be troublesome and irritating for people. Coughing in people with ILD may be eased with options that can help to soothe the throat and to stop the urge to cough.

Your healthcare team will assess your symptoms and may be able to provide you with appropriate options to try to control your cough. Small lifestyle adjustments may also help your cough.

Simple Tips that May Help the Cough Associated with ILD:

  • Avoid triggering factors (e.g., smoking, fumes, and perfume)
  • Suck on cough drops
  • Drink warm liquids to soothe your throat
  • Use a cool humidifier to moisten the air
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Quick Tip

Be sure to ask your healthcare team if these lifestyle adjustments are right for you.

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