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When it comes to diagnosing interstitial lung disease (ILD), the more information you can share with your healthcare provider, the better prepared he or she will be to make an accurate diagnosis. It can be difficult, however, to remember all the important information you should share while sitting on the exam room table.

We’ll help you make the most of your appointment by preparing some talking points ahead of time. All you need to do is fill in the guide below and then bring the completed guide to your next appointment.


My Guide

Below is a record of your symptoms, risk factors, and medical history based on your answers to a few questions. We’ve also included a list of questions that you may want to ask your healthcare provider. Be sure to print or email this guide and bring it to your next appointment.

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Questions For My Healthcare Provider

Below is a list of questions that you should be sure to ask your healthcare provider. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. There are other possible questions that you may want to ask your healthcare provider.


I’ve been experiencing symptoms for some time now and haven’t found relief from any treatments we’ve tried. Do you think I could be suffering from a condition that I haven’t been treated for?


Can any condition I’ve been diagnosed with cause ILD?


When you listen to my lungs, do you hear a Velcro-like crackle? What does that mean? If not, what sounds—if any—do you hear?


Are there other tests we can do to help determine the cause of my symptoms?


Will I need to see a specialist? If so, can you refer me?

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Don’t forget to print or email your guide and take it to your next appointment.

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