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Setting Personal Goals

While interstitial lung disease (ILD) might sometimes limit the things you can do or change the way you approach certain aspects of your day, it doesn’t have to rule your life. Setting realistic goals can help you focus on what is important to you. Making your goals tangible by identifying exactly what you want and then breaking it down into small steps may help you in reaching them.

SMART goal setting can give structure and direction to your plans and focus your efforts.

When setting goals, take the SMART approach:


S is for specific: Be clear about what you want to achieve.


M is for measureable: How will you know when you’ve been successful?


A is for achievable: You want a challenge, yet something attainable.


R is for realistic: Choose something you believe is possible.


T is for timely: Set a specific date for the goal to be achieved by.

Break Down Big Tasks

You can break big tasks into several more manageable ones to make it easier to achieve the things you want.

Drawing up progress charts can help you plan your steps toward each goal and track your success. You could also take some progress charts to your next appointment and ask your healthcare provider or nurse to help you.

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